How to enlarge your penis with soda

ways to use baking soda to enlarge the penis

When you are looking for options to increase your penis with soda, you are dissatisfied with the size of the manhood.

To avoid drastic measures, it is worth using the techniques recommended by healers that can enlarge the penis, eliminate the psychological complex.

How to enlarge a penis with soda

Before procedures to increase the size of the penis in thickness or length at home, it is necessary to make a preliminary preparation. To do this, you should use some recommendations:

  1. Buy a large bag of baking soda. Don't try to save money, find an expensive and impurity-free option.
  2. Make sure you have a sodium bicarbonate allergy test. Don't risk wetting your penis with baking soda without doing this. This requires moistening the elbow fold and then applying a little product there. After an hour, observe the condition of the skin: if there is no redness or itching, feel free to start trying the tea soda.
  3. The male member must be prepared for therapy, first vaporize it with warm water. Perform the procedure using a cloth swab.
  4. Prepare additional massage ingredients to resize masculinity (if necessary in the recommended penis enlargement recipe at home).
  5. To make manipulations as comfortable as possible, by increasing the size of the penis with sodium bicarbonate, stock up on sanitary napkins, both dry and moist, which help to quickly remove excess refrigerant from the epidermis and mucous membranes.

Q: Does baking soda work with a vacuum pump?

Answer: Yes. First apply the product to the penis and then connect the pump to it using it as instructed. Thanks to the combination of techniques, the result is significantly improved.

Preparing to enlarge the penis with soda

When finding out if baking soda can enlarge your penis, you should explore the various ways to use the product:

  1. Apply oil to the surface of the penis - it completely softens delicate skin. Then, it's time to use soda. It should be applied with gentle massage movements. Manipulation needs to be continued for several minutes, then rinse the remaining soda thoroughly with water and lubricate the penis with a moisturizer that helps prevent irritation.
  2. Does baking soda increase the penis when steamed in a bath? Yes, this is a powerful way to increase your dignity instantly. How to use baking soda in this version? Dilute 1 tbsp. me. substances in warm water (1 liter of liquid is sufficient). Place the genital organ in the bathtub for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, wash the remains of the composition, apply a moisturizer.
  3. As a way of enlarging the penis, it is recommended to use soda with honey, stirring the products in equal proportions. Apply the ointment to the genitals, wait a few minutes and massage the penis with your hands. This recipe, in addition to increasing the size, increases the sensitivity of the head of the organ, which is useful before sexual contact to enhance the sensations.

Attention!To achieve maximum effectiveness, a liquid natural bee product is required. Synthetic honey is bad for this.

Many articles have been written about how baking soda affects masculinity. Soda compresses are a proven option for increasing penis size. Prepare a strong solution (1 tablespoon per glass of slightly heated water). Dip the gauze in it, wrap the penis with a cloth and wait five minutes. Using this technique will certainly increase the size of Organs genitals!

Question: How to use baking soda for bathing? Is it true that this procedure increases the size of the penis?

Answer: In fact, if you want to get results in a comfortable environment, you should add soda directly to the bath. The product will increase the sensitivity of the head, allowing time savings during water treatment.

Sitting in the bathroom, make gentle movements to extend the penis. To do this, hold the organ with two fingers, which move towards the head. An indispensable condition: the absence of pain, burning or other discomfort. If this condition is observed, stop the procedure. The penis lengthening technique in the bathroom is an excellent option to ensure the correct functioning of the vessels.

How soda works to increase the male organ

To understand why baking soda is suitable for increasing male dignity, you need to understand a little about the product's beneficial qualities:

  1. The soda causes local irritation in the epidermis, which causes activation of the blood circulation. The penis then swells temporarily.
  2. After that, the erection increases, which is important for some intimate problems.
  3. The substance provides quick results. Using any recipe, you can achieve an instant penis enlargement, which will pleasantly surprise your sexual partner.
  4. A real increase in male dignity occurs without the use of pills or surgery.
  5. The substance is cheap and easy to obtain.

It is true that soda increases the penis

Question: Is it true that you can enlarge your penis with soda? Is it realistic to increase the reproductive organ with this substance?

Answer: Yes, it is true that baking soda does wonders for the genitals. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent anticoagulant, which helps in gymnastics aimed at penis growth.

Liquid blood is actively distributed in the genitourinary system. The substance prevents the likelihood of blood clots, which are complications during massage exercises.

How to use soda to increase the male organ

You can learn how to properly use a substance to enlarge your penis not only through publications, but also by evaluations of men on the Internet who have applied this technique in practice.

Penis enlargement with baking soda is an effective measure, although it temporarily resolves the problem. The soda is not able to correct congenital abnormalities, but it allows to strengthen the erection during sexual intercourse.