Main ways to enlarge your penis at home

how to increase a member at home

Many women are sure that the size of masculinity is not of fundamental importance in love affairs. But in some cases, the very small dimensions of the penis can greatly affect intimate life, and not in the best way.

Is it realistic to enlarge your penis at home? Or will you have to settle for the dimensions provided by Mother Nature?

How effective are home extension methods?

The member continues to grow until about 20 years of age. And although growth stops over time, modern reality makes it possible to adjust that organ. Enlarging the penis at home is a very real task.

Men who are dissatisfied with the size of their dignity or have not achieved the desired result in the process of using homemade techniques can resort to alternative methods of penis enlargement. This includes transplanting muscle tissue from the penis by surgery. This procedure is quite complicated and expensive. In addition, after the operation, a long period of rehabilitation is ahead. This magnification method is applicable only in the most critical cases.

There are many special methods and techniques developed for enlargement purposes. A man can only choose the most convenient and suitable for a particular case. For example, you can increase your dignity without leaving your home by reading several themed video tutorials that can be found on the Internet. Or use the widely advertised pills, gels, ointments, injectables, etc.

Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve impressive parameters of the dignity of porn actors and films of the "erotic" genre. However, increasing your self-esteem and raising yourself in the eyes of your partner is quite a viable task.

In addition, most of the following penis enlargement methods not only help to resize the penis, but can also help maintain and improve erectile function in the future.

Penis enlargement with ointments, creams or gels

As practice shows, gel or cream products are more effective in terms of penis enlargement. The principle of its action is the expansion of blood vessels in the penis and the flow of blood to the male organ.

Popular ways to increase

folk remedies for penis enlargement

Of course, among the wide variety of phallus enlargement methods at home, it is more useful to choose those that work on the body without causing side effects and without harming organs and systems. It is for this reason that men who wish to increase their dignity choose popular methods. Traditional medicine recipes have long been used by men to revive the ancient power and adjust the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement with the help of folk remedies is hard work and not fast. But the right approach promises positive results without harm to health. The basis of this therapy is infusions, decoctions and mixtures of herbs. They should be consumed at the dosage and with care, making sure that there is no allergy to any of the components of the product.

The following herbs and products are considered to be the most effective in terms of penis enlargement:

  1. Thyme.Improves the condition of the body as a whole and the genitourinary system separately. For the preparation of medicines, inflorescence leaves and stems are used, the roots are not suitable for this purpose. The basic recipe recommends pouring 100 g of thyme with a glass of boiling water. I use the liquid present, cooled and expressed in half a glass twice a day.
  2. Absinthe.The composition of plant components inhibits the development of inflammation and has a stimulating effect on the functionality of the circulatory system, which contributes to penis enlargement. To prepare the broth, take 5 g of absinthe and pour 1 liter of cold water. The boiled drink for 10 minutes is cooled, decanted and taken in a glass every day. This treatment tones blood vessels, causing the penis to stretch and fill with blood.
  3. Garlic.It is considered a recognized aphrodisiac product that can increase male libido. In addition, with your help, you can effectively enlarge your penis precisely at home. The product is best used in the form of tincture - chopped garlic (10 cloves) pour 0. 5 l of alcohol and mix well. The mixture is infused for 10 days and taken daily in 20 drops for a month.
  4. Aloe juice.A powerful bioprocess stimulator that has a beneficial effect on the body's systems. Making a dye to enlarge the male penis is not very difficult. Pour 0. 5 l of high quality vodka into a suitable container and add a few tablespoons of honey and aloe vera leaves (500 g). The dye is sent to a cool place for 7 weeks. The final product is used one hour before meals, 3-4 times a day.

Extender to help

penis enlargement extender

Extender is a modern device very popular with men who want to enlarge their penis at home and change its length and diameter.

These devices are divided into vacuum, belt and strap. The latter are economical in terms of price, but less convenient to use. The types of devices listed are a double-sided retainer: one rests against the pubic bone, the other holds the body of the penis and the head. On the sides of the penis there are special springs that allow traction movements. This device acts on the penis' natural ability to change and grow under the influence of physical strength. Regular use guarantees an effective penis enlargement a few weeks after the start of use.

Suspended loading

One of the oldest penis enlargement procedures by improvised means is the use of weights and more weights. The effect of enlarging the penis with such manipulations does exist. The procedure includes several steps:

  • heating the penis with massage movements;
  • the location of the adhesive plaster directly in front of the head;
  • hanging a load on a string.

Initial attempts to maintain the charge should take approximately 1-3 minutes. Time gradually increases, as does the weight of the weights.

Warning!The head of the penis should not be exposed to genital weight. If this happens, the weight must be reduced by coordinating the weight of the weights.


According to the evaluations of the men interviewed, specific penis massage can achieve positive results after 3 months of regular training. An effective and high quality massage for penis enlargement at home consists of 3 steps:

  1. Preparatory.Wash your hands and genitals thoroughly. The environment must be calm and conducive to the procedure. Next, moisten a napkin made of natural fabrics with warm water and wrap a penis in it for a few minutes. This procedure activates blood flow to the organ.
  2. Massage to enlarge the penis.A few drops of massage oil (neutral) are applied to the palms of the hands and also to the base of the penis. Other actions can be performed according to one of two schemes:
    1. Standard penis enlargement technique. Reminiscent of normal masturbation. The penis is gripped by a "ring" of the thumb and forefinger. The movements are performed on the "flaccid" limb. In 3 minutes, you need to massage the penis from the base to the head. Usually, this manipulation stimulates an erection. The process must not be completed with ejaculation, it must be "shortened" immediately after the formation of the "riser".
    2. Movements to increase the diameter of the penis. The fingers of the left hand firmly cover the entire length of the penis. With gentle twisting movements of the right limb, it is necessary to descend higher and higher along the trunk of the organ.
  3. Final stage.Wash the oil from the penis and put on underwear that does not restrict movement. Do not allow hypothermia in the area to be massaged. Therefore, the procedure must be performed before bedtime, so that you lie down immediately after the massage, excluding the possibility of exposure to cold air.

Using the bomb

The operating principle of this device is to act on a low pressure member. For this, the organ is placed in a special device called a pump. As a result of the movements of the device, similar to the action of a piston, blood flows strongly into the penis and flows out weakly. The penis pump is a very popular device among men who want to increase not only the length but also the thickness of the penis at home.

Jelqing and other exercises

The jelqing technique is a special system of movements that resembles a penile massage, with the only difference that jelqing is performed using the indispensable use of a special lubricant. In general, this independent method of penis enlargement is considered to be very old - according to some studies, it was used by ancient Africans and Indians.

The principle of jelqing is a movement similar to that of milking. The procedure is performed on an erect, erect penis. With your thumb and forefinger, you should pull the organ down and then out, giving it a massage. The fingers should cover the entire surface of the penis, except the glans.

Tip.The method will only be beneficial if a lubricant is used. Improvised products in the form of shampoos and gels cannot be applied. The main objective of jelqing is to increase blood circulation in the penis, helping to increase its thickness and length.

Also, at home, you can apply the following gymnastic exercises to enlarge your penis:

  1. With the help of a bag full of heated cereal, make preliminary fixations to the penis. In addition, the organ is brought to an incomplete erection state. Gripping your root with your fingers, you should move upwards, as if you were pulling the organ. You must not reach the penis right on the head. It is recommended to perform such an exercise in 20 approaches, every day, increasing the speed and increasing the number up to 200 times. In case of strong erection, classes should be postponed and wait until the dignity "calms down", then continue the movement again.
  2. The movements are done with the entire palm. The penis should be rolled up and squeezed for about 10 seconds. During this compression, the organ should be pulled back and forth alternately and sideways.

Other methods of penis enlargement

If the listed methods that can be used at home have not helped to enlarge the penis, you should consider alternative solutions to this problem:

  1. Penis enlargement with soda. Home record holder for the effectiveness of penis enlargement. It is applied in the following ways:
    • trays;
    • compresses and applications;
    • rub
    • ;
    • massage
    • .

    These soda manipulations help to increase blood flow in the penis area and, according to the guarantees of men who have used this product, significantly increase the penis.

  2. Dietary supplements to increase potency. Alternative medications to help enlarge the penis. This includes various hormonal and herbal preparations, pills, gels, creams, etc. These formulations help blood to flow more freely into the pelvic region, dilate blood vessels, while enlarging the penis.
  3. Mouthpiece. Suitable for men who are looking to actually enlarge their penis before intercourse. The accessories not only correct the size of the penis, but also improve the state of erection.
  4. For your information.These nozzles are closed and open. The first ones are designed to increase the length of the penis without leaving the house, to adjust the thickness, it makes sense to buy an open version. The penis enlargement tips are usually made of silicone or latex. They help to enlarge the penis by 3-10 cm.

  5. Lipofilling. A bloodless alternative to surgery. A special needle is used to inject fat into the body of the penis, which is pumped out of any part of the patient's body. With the help of this manipulation, the size and width of the penis are adjusted, which makes it longer and thicker. The method practically does not cause side effects, since the material introduced is the patient's own, that is, it is considered biologically compatible. Instead of fat tissue, hyaluronic acid can be used, but the effect of these injections wears off after 1 year.
  6. Pills to enlarge the penis. Another way to enlarge the penis without surgery.
  7. Surgery. It is used as a last resort, when the size of masculinity is really insignificant and if other methods of penis enlargement directly at home have not brought results. The operation involves cutting the ligament located in the pubic area and extending the penis from that area. In addition, the body of the penis is fixed and the plastic of the tissues of the pubic area. The average increase after such intervention is 5 cm. The advantage of this augmentation procedure is that the results obtained are saved forever.
  8. Products to enlarge the penis.

Penis lengthening is a process that almost every man can master independently. For this purpose, almost all modern remedies available are suitable, including various ointments, injections and other medicinal or non-medicinal preparations. If there is no confidence in traditional therapy, you can choose an alternative method in the form of hanging weights, jelqing, soda treatments, and so on. The correct approach to the exercises and the systematicity in their implementation will help to achieve significant results in a relatively short period of time.